Planned Litters

Our dogs live together as part of the family so our dogs cycles sync and cycle all together which is why we end up with a few litters at once and then none for 6-8 months. Some also don't fall pregnant which we will then just try again next time. 

We have a Waitlist for our pups, Chihuahuas list for females is full. All others are open though.


Planned Litter of German Shepherds, Long Coats, Lily & Klaus - Aug 2019

Lily is a gorgeous black & Tan straight back Show line Long coat shepherd. She has a fantastic nature, low drive, very social. I am using an Outside stud Monsimbee Kaleb. He is a Solid Black Long coat Boy. 


Planned litter of White Swiss Shepherds is Daisy & unknown - On break & enjoying the show ring

Daisy is a lovely affectionate girl, very elegant, she has a small build, she is mostly our family pet/farm dog. Both dogs are hip & Elbow scored & MDR1, DM tested. 


Planned Litter of German Shepherds, Stock Coat. Tess & Kaleb -  August 2019 

Tess had 3 pups, 1 long coat girl (reserved), 2 stock coat Boys (1 Sold)

Tess is a working line German Shepherd, She is Solid black stock coat, She is smart and easy to train. We Specifically breed shepherds for their natural Straight backs with good health and temperament. Kaleb is also a Working line with good drive and easy trainability. Expecting some awesome working dogs.


Planned Litter of German Shepherds, Stock Coat, Shilah & Blue - Oct 2019

Shilah is a Working line shepherd, She has a fantastic social nature with a medium drive. Blue is a Show Line German Shepherd who has a medium drive, he is formost a pet but he also does Lure coursing and excels at it. He also carries the long hair gene so hoping to possibly have some long coats as well as stock coats. 




Contact Details

Hayley Cusato
Boyanup, WA, Australia
Phone : 0410077287
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