Planned Litters

Our dogs live together as part of the family so our dogs cycles sync and cycle all together which is why we end up with a few litters at once and then none for 6-8 months. Some also don't fall pregnant which we will then just try again next time. 

We have a Waitlist for our pups, Chihuahuas list for females is full. All others are open though. To go on our waitlist you need to download our questionnaire and fill it out and send it to us. 

White Swiss Shepherd -

We wont be having anymore pups for 12-18months


German Shepherd LSC 

Lily has been mating  to
Lily has given birth to 7 pups, 5 girls 2 Boys. All pups are spoken for. 



German Shepherd

Shilah has been mated to Amigo from Lashadas kennels . Shilah gave us 7 gorgeous pups. 5 Boys & 2 Girls. All are spoken for.

 Shelby is planned to be mated to Jentols Angels Danger Man early 2021



Trixie has been mated to Tank, This is tanks first litter so can't wait to see what he produces. She is due in 4 weeks.


Voilet has been mated to Blaze, This will also be Blaze's first litter and i can't wait to see what they have. She is due in 7 weeks.


Evie has been mated to Blaze and is due in 8 Weeks.


Updated 09/11/2020

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Email : [email protected]
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