Planned Litters

Our dogs live together as part of the family so our dogs cycles sync and cycle all together which is why we end up with a few litters at once and then none for 6-8 months or more. Some also don't fall pregnant which we will then just try again next time. 

We have a Waitlist for our pups. To go on our waitlist you need to fill in our application which is under Puppy Info tab.

White Swiss Shepherd 

Suki has given birth to 7 Pups to our Boy Odin. Expecting some nice pups. Suki is a medium drive girl who will happy lazy around the house but when asked will love a good run/walk. She is very affectionate girl. Odin also is medium drive and is really good inside but loves exercise when asked. Very affectionate friendly boy. We have 2 girls available & maybe 1 Boy.


German Shepherd LSC 


Nina has been mated to our gorgeous Boy Bandit. Looking forward to this litter. We are expecting medium to low drive. Great family pets.


Chihuahuas -  2 Smooth Coat boys available now

Pebbles has given birth 4 Babies to our Boy Zeke, Pebbles is a Long coat girl and zeke is our smooth coat Boy. We are very excited about this litter and are expecting some really nice pups. We have 2 Cream Smooth Coat Boys available now.


Muffin has given Birth to 3 Pups to our boy Panda, 2 Boys & 1 Girl. Muffin is a character, very active girl, Panda is a gorgeous affectionate boy who loves to play bite your hand when playing. 2 black Long Coat Boys available.

Updated 22/05/2023

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