Heritage Poultry


We now also have a poultry farm. We have Day old chicks available from August through to Feb. We also sell pullets & point of lays when available. 

Chicks from day olds - 3 weeks $10 ea

Chicks 3wks - 6 weeks unsexed $15

Sexed pullets $25 ea


FB page is Donnybrook Heritage Poultry

We also take unwanted roosters for the pot

The following is the List of breeds we breed & sell. Don't aways have them available


Standard Chickens:

Sussex - Light, Speckle, Silver, Corination, Lavender

Australorps - White, blue, black, splash

Rhode Island - Red

Plymouth Rocks

Australian Pit Game

Aracauna - lavender

Leg horns - white

Wyandotte - Buff

Spanish Face



Pekins - Millie Fluer, Mottle, Buff, Buff Columbian, Cuckoo

Silkies - White, Black, 

Silver Hamberg



Indian Runners - White


Muscovy - White, blue, black

Kharki Campbells

White Campbells


Turkeys - Lavender, White, Bronze, Buff

Contact Details

Hayley Cusato
Boyanup, WA, Australia
Phone : 0410077287
Email : [email protected]